Soil Amendments

Screened Top Soil


Our top soil is stored and covered so it will be dry whenever you need it. *Also are top soil is MDOT approved which means it is blended with compost* Best Top soil in Flint Township!



Our Compost is top notch, it is MSU tested and approved! This will save you money, a more natural fertilizer than chemicals, improves soil nutrients, resists compaction, & hold moisture which will help with watering. Most nutrient rich Compost in Flint Township!

Leaf Humus


Only retailer around that carries not to mention it is MSU tested and approved! This product is used to top dress plants, shrubs, gardens, and lawns. It will help with controlling and enhance soil to stimulate growth provide superior plant health, helps control damage due to insects and soil mineralization, creates tillable out of clays and other impervious soils, & retains moisture to help with watering.

Garden Mix


This is a blend of our good stuff compost & Leaf Humus

Your Blend!


After all we are here for you! Our knowledgeable staff will be able to tailor your soil needs with our wide variety of products.